Wear space watch plot more exciting than the film

Now watch ads have been satisfied with the fuss on the earth, and got the space is cattle X's. Today, we do not let you know that the space was on the watch, really quite legendary. Not on the space also know that the watch is not all true How does the replica watches uk challenge gravity? Not on the space also know that the watch is not all true George Clooney plays Omega Speedmaster watch worn Speaking of space, or have to mention the recent popular movie "gravity", some people say it's story is one sentence: In addition to the heroine other people all dead; Speaking of space also have to mention is Omega, because it is in "Space marketing" to do is really too popular. Although the brand later said that the implant is "no intention", but people who know it will smile, as if George Clooney does not wear a block Omega Speedmaster On space, are regarded as "Goof." The story also from 1905 on March 1, the day of a heavy message from the sky spread to the Omega Swiss headquarters, NASA officially announced Omega Speedmaster series through rigorous testing, selected for the space mission designated use table. Its surprise is that: all this happens not in Omega's plan, that is Omega is completely in an unknowingly selected, purely by rolex replica technology and processes, which for the brand recognition has become particularly active and Full of legend. Then Omega decided to "super series" changed its name to "super professional series", left for the space time tailored watch line. But the more legendary thing happened because the astronauts returned to Earth on the way, Apollo 11 hull occurred an explosion, when the available power is running low, everything depends on manual, in the moment of life and death, the astronauts We only through the Omega watch to measure the time to return to Earth, start the engine to fly to the Earth, the spacecraft returned to the track, the result is the astronauts arrived safely. This plot than the film "gravity" to the more real and exciting. Only to be commended is different from the movie is the heroine, this award is the Omega, won the "Snoopy Award" (NASA awarded the highest honor). Since then, "the human to conquer the universe, it is necessary to punctuality," Omega became the most classic slogan. Prior to Omega Speedmaster (Speedmaster) too much publicity: it is involved in six moon feats, is the only NASA since 1965 certified to participate in manned space missions chronometer and so on. But we say, you know it in the end cattle X where? Omega Speedmaster series on the dark side Black ceramic zirconia dial Omega Speedmaster series on the dark side Omega 9300 coaxial movement deconstruction Black ceramic zirconia dial: zirconia is characterized by high hardness, high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, chemical resistance, shock, temperature, pressure, humidity, radiation and magnetic field resistance, not Affected by sound. Made of a complete black zirconia ceramic to maintain the comfort of wearing Clearly readable deep space: hour hand, minute hand, chronograph and 12 o'clock position of the dot coated with luminous coating. Luminous features do not have to explain, feel your own night. Omega 9300 coaxial movement: Omega 9300 coaxial movement equipped with innovative vertical wheel device and Si14 silicon material gossamer, stable and reliable movement, the official said that the Internet can enjoy four-year global warranty, I think the service only in the Earth On the subject by. Said it's so much special, here to say an objective, it is said: Omega Although the US astronauts official timer, they are wearing in outer space is also a super speed (Speedmaster), but in the They are indeed wearing the Rolex second-generation GMT Master (number 1675). I think the latter, to the more practical bar. Since the film "gravity" is the rolex replica last of the Shenzhou 10 "save" the heroine, we have no reason not to introduce the next China's own space watch - Fiyta Shenzhou 10 commemorative watch. Space Series Shenzhou 10 commemorative watch on the dial, with 45 minutes as the unit, supplemented by blue and green arc as a warning task to complete the progress. This is called "feature timing", from the first time out of the cabin walk, the special space mission to control the demand for time. Unique AM / PM display box, allowing astronauts in the confusion of day and night space to clearly identify the Earth. Watch the disk on the "10", recording the success of China's manned space flight event again.