Watch column: Future watch design trends

On this year's Basel Watch Fair, I believe that many people's focus is more than that a few big brands of new work, I do not mention here. To change the other, write a topic I never wrote - strap. The annual itinerary are arranged very dense, this year is also very, almost no time to go to the bathroom. Before the tour to visit each brand travel schedule are at least one hour, and now there are half an hour, and truly non-stop. Tables are endless, which is free to enjoy the other things? Asked me to view the new venue, refurbished it? For me, all about the same. Not to mention like, if you want to seriously say, I still like the former venues a little more. Does not mean that the previous better, but I used to. Patek Philippe and replica watches uk is the altar table two older brother, their fans in the market and the status of the table stand in the venue, of course, the same pattern of wind fixed, located on both sides of the central. The entrance position to the LVMH Group, the door on the left to see the new Museum of the Bulgari, and then Yu-ship, the right is TAG Heuer and Zenith. After the central Patek Philippe and Rolex, and then oncoming is the Swatch Group of various brands. In the first floor of the first floor, the distribution of the brand is not too much change, the number should be less, otherwise the individual brand of the exhibition hall will not be big. I believe that many people focus on the topic are more than that a few big brands of new work, I do not mention here. To change the other, write a topic I have never written: strap. Never considered this issue before, because there is nothing to write, sports style is with chain belt, Sven style is equipped with belt, finished. Before there is no watch, do not mention the strap. Watch the emergence of the original pocket is to wear a belt, wrapped around the wrist. At that time not so exquisite, full of leather belt of the world. The chain is the female patent, so that the table into a jewelry table, you need to customize. After decades are so rival, belt is leather belt, chain belt is individually customized. To the subsequent emergence of rolex replica the demand for waterproof function, we began to play the idea of ​​steel chain belt. Rolex should be the first serious design of the steel chain with the brand, as early as the 1940s has been manufacturing Oyster style strip, and later there are five beads in Hong Kong commonly known as Jubilee and later the three beads President style. Then to the fifties and sixties, even the original Sven models have to put gold chain belt. At that time those gold ribbon can not be beautiful things, to today has become a ring. Later 70 time, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, then there are Patek Philippe Nautilus, and IWC's Ingenieur. As a result, not only the movement table pop up, even the strip is crazy. To the last century 80's, Hublot Yu-ship across the world, the first tape to the watch. The first time in the Basel table debut when an order is not received, but later in the launch of the first year has earned a full house. Rubber strap has been enough new, but also the smell, it is also good to wear good news. But even if Hublot tape is so popular, but still no brand to follow suit, may be too afraid to copy too obvious traces of it. To the late 80s, Chopard introduced the first Mille Miglia style. This watch is and tire factory Dunlop cooperation, for the watch lining Dunlop tire pattern rubber strap. Since the 90's, the watch is no longer lonely, a lot of styles are free matching belt, steel chain or tape. Patek Philippe is usually the first to push the belt style, a few years before the chain model. Some Panerai, belts and tape are served together. Rolex Daytona gold shell style can be equipped with belt, but also with chain, steel version of the exception. Belts are like that, only the chain can see the design of the competition. Oyster belt or Jubille belt is not only evergreen, or even immortal is not excessive. Royal Oak is also a self-contained strip, no substitute. Breitling strip level is also high. Not all watches are safe and appropriate, in this case, Rolex once again stand out. Whether Daytona or Day-Date, with belt or chain belt are good-looking. Audrey's Royal Oak is second only. others? Navitimer belt and chain style, Cartier Santos is the same. In fact, thick makeup wipe all affordable, but my first choice or with the belt. Even Omega Moon Watch now can also be equipped with belt, the effect is surprisingly good. Tape it? Is not always my cup of tea. Like the belt a little more, but never studied, because it seems little change, in short, to feel it good. Of course, crocodile skin and leather are absolutely different, but are often agreed. Of course, with high crocodile table belt, with sports belt on it with replica watches leather belt. But because some new tables this year, I realized the importance of the belt. The original belt can also be about the overall situation, can be an epoch. First of all, Yu-ship and DSquared2 cooperation Jeans series. Steel watch with denim fabric texture tape, immediately filled with modern fashion breath. Look at the Tudor Black Shield, I had the red needle black tape style disapproval. But put on a light brown pointer and the same color 麖 belt, the feeling immediately changed one hundred and eighty degrees, I am full of praise for it. Finally, look at Jean Richard, after years of effort, this year finally determined to choose the direction, only made shell with round bezel style. Pricing will be lowered, and were equipped with Sellita movement or independent movement. One of the Terrascope, with a little orange light brown leather belt, thick and thick, really teach you all themselves. Over the past few years, Jean Richard set sail, this year finally keep open. This Terrascope is really good, its foil foil with foil. It turned out that a belt can be earth-shaking. The protagonist is important, but the supporting role can actually shine, or even close the finishing touch. I believe that after this year, the future watch design will put a lot of thought on the belt, we wait and see next year.